About Us

Company Profile

Multi Buana Group was established on April 27, 1992 as a general trade and contractor company, Multi Buana Group then expanded its scope of business to various business unit fields in order to support the increasingly growing product and service demands from consumers and its business partners. These business unit fields consist of:

The sixteen business units have 3 (three) markets, namely:

  1. Government and Agencies
  2. SOEs and Multinational Companies
  3. Retail and Industries

In light of achieving the company’s objective, the synergy between inter business units, and the best service provision to customers, Multi Buana Group has formed 3 (three) sub-holdings as follows:


(Products and Solutions Sub-Holding)


(Asset Management and Investment Sub-Holding)


(Digital Business and International Business Sub-Holding)

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors and the expertise of the Management Team, in each of their respective fields, Multi Buana Group has a strong foundation to support its rapid growth.

We achieve this by providing varieties of value-added products and services as well as profitable investment to all of our business partners.

Our Vision

to become a company which keeps innovating and giving the best possible results.

Our Mission

To keep innovating in each of our business activities.
To apply the best standards in pursuit of our customer's satisfaction.
To provide a mutually beneficial contribution to each of our business partners.
To develop a business that creates a sustainable social impact.