PT. Infiniti Buana Comersindo


With pool of talents, PT. Infiniti Buana Comersindo proactively finding the creative solution to various industries and transforming the business model in this digital era.


PT Infiniti Buana Comersindo is a member of Multi Buana Group that focusing on:

  • Resources in Bunkering & Services, Coal-Trading, Solar Power and Battery Storage
  • Agribusiness in Spices, Commodities, F&B & Seafoods
  • Creatives in Film Making and Web Series Production
  • E-commerce in Education, F&B, Fashion

Endless Business for Everyone is the spirit implanted to the talents to drive and deliver the best services and innovative products to our clients.


PT. Infiniti Buana Comersindo commits to bring impact to societies as imprinted in our taglines “energy for everyone; farming for wealth; create, entertain, inspire; we trade”.


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