PT. Buana Pahala Multi Marindo


Indonesia represents an archipelagic country with the most extensive coastline in the world. It also consists of thousands of islands, making Indonesia a country with key maritime strength.

We identify an opportunity for Indonesia to become the world’s maritime axis and a hub of regional trade, by working and building simultaneously in an inter-island connectivity, maritime security, and the improvement of harbor infrastructure.

PT. Buana Pahala Multi Marindo focuses on:

  • Innovative solutions for transportation in seas and water bodies
  • The recovery of environmental functions and the maintenance of water body lanes
  • Equipment and irrigation for water bodies
  • Survey and navigation equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Shipping equipment and other marine equipments.

PT. Buana Pahala Multi Marindo has been trusted to become the sole distributor or exclusive agent by some reputable and leading manufacturers from overseas. We are committed to provide a good after sales service for the national maritime solution.