PT. Buana Artha Tekno Sains

Education is a main pillar for a brighter future of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the quality of education in Indonesia is currently relatively low and that needs to be upgraded. Similarly, the science and technology sectors in Indonesia also needs a global modernization.

A bright future can be achieved through education, supported by a correct learning system. Modern educational facilities and infrastructure are necessary in order to generate quality graduates who will bring capital to reflect the nation’s success.

PT. Buana Artha Tekno Sains was established to aid in upgrading the quality of human resources to improve their preparedness to face international challenges.

PT. Buana Artha Tekno Sains dedicates itself to educational segment by:

  • Participating in the provision of conventional and vocational educational equipment based on high technology, ICT and multimedia devices.

Modern educational technology is needed to assist in the learning process for Indonesia to become more effective and efficient. All components of educational institutions are demanded to prepare themselves with the latest infrastructure facilities by utilizing technology advancements.