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Certain types of employment are specifically excluded from coverage. An employer is not liable under the law when all individuals performing service are in excluded or noncovered employment, nor can such employees be considered in determining liability. Had four or more employees in covered employment for some portion of a day in each of 20 weeks in either the current or the preceding calendar year. To make full use of the online systems, your company must designate an account administrator who will register at The administrator will be provided a user name and password and may add or remove additional users as needed. (Only the account administrator can reset users’ passwords or add/delete users from your account.) Because access to each system is separate, the administrator must register at both systems.


When the reason for quitting employment is to attend school, the separation is considered disqualifying, and the claimant’s right to benefits is suspended for the duration of the unemployment caused by this quit (see “Duration of Suspension” on page 29). When it is determined that the claimant’s unemployment was caused by his or her commitment to a penal institution, benefit rights are suspended for the duration of the unemployment caused by this separation (“Duration of Suspension” on page 29). An individual who quits employment to accept a recall by a former employer with whom the individual has substantial rights is not disqualified by accepting the recall. Children 18 or over may be allowed as dependents only when they are unable to work because of permanent physical or mental disability. If claiming dependents, the applicant is required to furnish the Social Security number of his or her spouse and any children claimed. The Social Security numbers for all claimed dependents are verified with the Social Security Administration. In addition, the spouse’s Social Security number is checked against department records for an overlapping benefit year.

The appropriate filing forms are automatically mailed to registered employers at the end of each quarter. If the employer filed electronically the previous quarter, the employer will receive, instead of a form, a letter reminding them to file electronically.

This is a payment by the employer to compensate an employee for the employer’s failure to furnish a required or customary dismissal notice prior to the date of termination. The gross amount of such payment is deductible from unemployment benefits. Wage loss benefits paid as a result of an Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation determination, or similar class of payment jfs20110 paid under the authority of another federal or state law. Retirement payments made under the provisions of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974 are deductible when the base period employer contributed to, or maintained, one of those pension plans. Filing a Weekly Claim Claimants must file a claim for each calendar week of unemployment to qualify for benefit payments.

The following material describes the steps to be taken to become a reimbursing employer. Common Rate Groups The common rate will be determined by consolidating all of the experience factors of the group members.

Likewise, if it is shown that an interested party did not receive the written decision or determination within the appeal period, the appeal period is extended to 21 days after the interested party receives notice. The appeal must be in writing and outline the reason for the appeal. This may be done by letter, by fax, or via the Internet at A claimant who returns to work and subsequently loses that job may reopen a claim any bookkeeping time within the existing benefit year established when the application was allowed after the claimant’s original separation. The law provides that no contributory employer may be charged with benefits paid to an individual when the reason for the claimant’s separation from such employment is determined to be disqualifying. If the application is denied, the employer may appeal the ruling of the director within 30 days of the notice’s mailing date.

If the claimant is reopening an established claim and the reason for separation is found to be disqualifying, the claimant’s benefits will be suspended until other re-qualifying requirements are met (see “Duration of Suspension” on page 29). The 52-consecutive-week period that begins on the Sunday of the week the individual files a valid application is called the “benefit year.” The benefit rights established by the allowed application are in effect throughout the benefit year. Only claims for benefits filed for weeks within the benefit year can be allowed. Employees of the state of Ohio, its political subdivisions and their instrumentalities are covered by Ohio’s UI law. Eligibility for unemployment benefits is determined for government employees the same way it is for other employees.

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If there has been a successorship within a calendar year, the wages of any employee upon which the predecessor employer has paid contributions shall be included in computing the taxable wage base. The law requires each covered and noncovered employer to keep a true and accurate employment record of all its employees, including hours worked and wages paid, and to furnish such information to the department upon request. The employment records must be preserved and maintained for a period of not less than five years after the calendar year in which remuneration is paid to employees.

Complete and mail in the Sales Tax/Withholding Account Application to apply for a 1099 or W-2G withholding account. Indicate in Box D whether you need a 1099 account or a W-2G account set up. You will use your current Colorado account number or receive your CAN by mail if you don’t already have an account. This number is used as your password on the EPayment Site; To obtain this number email your FID#, company name, contact person name, contact person title, and contact person phone number to . You will receive an email with your City of Dayton Tax Account Number within two business days from your request.

A request for reconsideration or other appeal does not act as a stay for the purposes of reporting and paying contributions, interest and forfeitures. If the employer files the necessary wage information within 18 months from the beginning of the year for which the rate is to be effective, the rate shall be revised to 120 percent of the rate which would have applied if the employer had timely furnished the wage information. If you have filed an incorrect wage detail, it will be necessary to submit corrections or amendments. Wage amendments can be submitted at or by using the JFS 20129, “Request to Amend the Quarterly Tax Return.” DO NOT USE A WAGE DETAIL REPORT TO CORRECT PREVIOUS REPORTS.

  • An employer is not liable under the law when all individuals performing service are in excluded or noncovered employment, nor can such employees be considered in determining liability.
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  • An individual who quits employment to accept a recall by a former employer with whom the individual has substantial rights is not disqualified by accepting the recall.
  • To allow an application, the department must have facts that establish that the claimant was unemployed at the time of filing and had at least 20 qualifying weeks of employment in the base period with the required average weekly wage.
  • Such appeal must be filed within 30 days of the mailing date of the director’s decision of reconsideration.

Ohio has conformed to this unemployment benefits deduction for tax year 2020. Once each month, a Notice of Benefits Paid and Charged to Employer is mailed to employers. The notice will contain the claimant’s name, Social Security number, date of payment, the calendar week for which the payment was made, the amount paid for that week, and the amount charged or credited. It also contains the total charges made to that employer during the current fiscal year .

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Certain married taxpayers who both received unemployment benefits can each deduct up to $10,200. This deduction is factored into the calculation of your federal AGI, which is the starting point for the Ohio income tax return .


Employers who had no workers or paid no wages during a quarter are still required to check the appropriate blocks on the Wage Detail Report and file the reports by the due dates. You may make final reports and deactivate your account online at, or you may contact any of the department’s compliance offices. Employer Account Number Each liable employer is assigned a 10-digit employer account number. Employers should show this number on all tax correspondence, forms and remittances submitted to the department. Failure to show the account number may result in delays in processing documents.

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The levels of appeals are appeal to ODJFS; appeal to a hearing officer of the UCRC; request for review by the three-member UCRC; and appeal to the courts. The claimant and the employer have the right to present evidence at each determination and appeal level. When a case is before the courts, it is heard on the evidence developed before the UCRC and will include the evidence developed in the administrative determination process. The SharedWork Ohio program is not meant to be adopted indefinitely as an ongoing business practice, and law prohibits using it for seasonal or temporary employees. It also cannot supersede or conict with other valid employment agreements. After completing the initial application, the claimant will contact the state in which he or she resides or seeks work and comply with that state’s laws, and register with that state’s employment service/labor exchange system to seek work when required. Benefit charges for weeks of unemployment that occur outside the seasonal employer’s seasonal period will be charged to the nonseasonal employer.


If you have not already submitted a Transfer of Business form , you must submit one with this application.’s Business Licenses and Permits Search Tool allows you to get a listing of federal, state and local permits, licenses, and registrations you’ll need to run a business.

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The Ohio employment would have been insufficient to qualify the individual for Ohio unemployment benefits; or 2. The Ohio contributory employer has filed a timely request for reconsideration to the charges and the claimant’s separation has been determined by ODJFS to be disqualifying. A claimant residing and seeking work in a state other than the state where he or she worked in covered employment, may still file a claim against the state where the work was performed. All states, including District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada, take their own claims either by telephone or over the Internet. For a listing of the states telephone numbers and website addresses, go to info.html. Seasonal Employment The law provides that any employer who, because of climatic conditions and the seasonal nature of the industry, operates only during regularly recurring periods of 40 weeks or less in a period of 52 consecutive weeks may request that it be determined as a seasonal employer. If it is found to be seasonal, ODJFS must establish the seasonal period during which benefits can be paid.

In the work history portion of the application, the applicant may be requested to furnish his or her work history with each employer including the business name and payroll address of each employer, the date hired, the date separated and the reason for separation. If benefits are approved, a weekly benefit amount will be established based on the amount of base period weeks, wages and qualified dependents established as applicable. If approved, benefits are payable during the next 52 weeks, called the “benefit year.” The terms “base period” and “benefit year” are important. Two or more nonprofit reimbursing employers may establish a group account for the purpose of sharing the costs of the program.

The request form also provides for the reporting of vacation pay, severance pay, holiday pay, etc. Employers and TPAs who repeatedly fail to respond promptly and adequately to requests for information regarding unemployment claims can be charge for any benefits that are ultimately found to be ineligible. To learn more, visit UIemployerBenefitResponsibilities.stm.

Please make sure the person listed as the ‘Account Holder’ is correct. Only the Account Holder can see benefit information for this application in the Self-Service Portal. Click Continue to turn in your application or click Cancel to pick someone else as the Account Holder. The law provides that ODJFS and the UCRC may administer oaths, certify to official acts, take depositions, issue subpoenas and compel attendance at a hearing and testimony by witnesses. When a witness bookkeeping refuses to attend or testify or to produce books or papers, contempt proceedings may be instituted by the court of common pleas of the county where the individual resides or is found, the court of appeals that has jurisdiction over the county, or a judge. The notice must provide the name and a method for contacting the informant and, if different, the source. The information must include the identity of the informant and how the department can reach him or her.

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